Sheryl Bailey 3

Date : 14 / Jun / 2019
Time : 7:30pm
Address : Cambridge University Centre 1, Granta Place Cambridge CB2 1RU
Tel : 07827 012875

Sheryl Bailey 3

Cambridge Modern Jazz @ CUC Wine Bar

Sheryl Bailey guitar  Simon Woolf bass    Paul Cavaciuti drs

Sheryl Bailey grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and started playing guitar at 13.  She discovered jazz after hearing Wes Montgomery on the radio, later attending Berklee College in Boston, where she now teaches guitar.  Her playing style is described as ‘sizzling’, and ‘capable of going from zero to blazing in two beats’.  The Sheryl Bailey 3, is a modernized version of the organ trio and in addition to their 15-year plus residency at NYC’s 55 Bar, they have toured China, Canada, Europe and the US.

“She balances superior technical skills with a strong lyrical sense and swinging touch…”  Lee Metcalf—The Villager